SkinPen micro-needling features in Mail Online article about scarring

We are delighted to bring you the news that SkinPen micro-needling has featured in a health article via Mail Online this month. 

The online article focused on the skin rejuvenation benefits of the pen when treating chickenpox scarring. 

Mail Online – the world’s most read website with over 26.8 million monthly visitors – featured a SkinPen micro-needling case study provided by MySkin UK in London. 

Jay caught chicken pox from his toddler daughter, leaving his skin covered in dark marks after recovering from the illness. Making him feel self-conscious, he sought the advice of a SkinPen micro needling expert, and within three treatments, his skin was transformed. 

He says undergoing SkinPen micro needling has transformed his appearance and boosted his confidence ‘tenfold’. 

SkinPen uses tiny needles to cause controlled damage to the skin, encouraging new collagen to generate and creating smoother, healthier skin on the face.

The science behind SkinPen micro-needling

Any intense trauma to the skin, particularly one involving an internal viral infection can interrupt all processes of the skins defense systems, causing inflammation in the cells, a distorted view of cellular growth and repair. 

A weakened immune system and, unfortunately, in the end, appearances likened to ice pick scarring (dented, pothole like pitting) are common. SkinPen micro needling improves these aesthetic issues. 

It’s a controlled and sterile form of wound management. It has an exact application of delivering a cluster of tiny needles that are designed especially for ‘puncturing’ the skin’s tissues. It helps by not only attempting to target surface damage on the epidermis but by targeting the lower dermis walls. This is great for the repairing and restructuring process needed to repair broken skin tissue. 

Making the news

To be making national headlines during a very tricky time in history shows the strength in this device, with many positive comments on the article proving further that SkinPen micro-needling is making waves.

You can read the full article online here. We’d also love to know if YOU have any great case studies to share with the world, too. Please contact us if you’ve had any impressive results and have supported before and after images. 

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SkinPen is a cordless medical device designed to boost new collagen production, a key factor in rejuvenating scarred skin – why not ask us for more information?

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