Suitable for all skin types

Over 90 validated FDA requirements were met for SkinPen Precision System’s device & cartridge.

1Lightweight and quiet design
2Medical-grade Motor
3Cordless, Medical-grade Battery
4Inductive charging
5LED Smart Technology
6Intuitive Speed Control
7Ultrasonically sealed
8Precision Advanced Cartridge Unit

SkinPen Features

  • Lightweight and quiet design
  • Medical-grade Motor at 7000RPMs producing 98,000 channels per minute
  • Cordless, Medical-grade Battery
  • Inductive charging offers 8 hours of back-to-back use at full power
  • LED Smart Technology
  • Intuitive Speed Control
  • Ultrasonically sealed handpiece avoiding cross-contamination
  • Precision Advanced Cartridge Unit (ACU) offers Ingress protection preventing fluids/blood from the patient from migrating into the reciprocation mechanism


SkinPen uses 14 state of the art needles in the cartridge tip | Super tensile strength for treating scar tissue | Super precision sharp to prevent tearing caused by blunt or hooked needles | All the needles the same length | Needle length depth adjusted in the cartridge head, not the pen for absolute accuracy

FDA-Cleared Advanced Cartridge Unit, U.S. engineered and manufactured*

Patented Microneedle disposable cartridge with its in-built reciprocating device for a precise calibration

1Surgical-grade needles
2Exhaust Ports & Scalloped Edge
3Internal Reciprocating Mechanism
4Device to perform at specified depth
5Ingress protection
6Single-use-lock-out feature
  • Fourteen stainless steel surgical-grade needles validated for sharpness, durability and penetration depth: No blunt, uneven length or hooked needles.
  • Exhaust Ports & Scalloped Edge to prevent suction and bruising
  • Internal Reciprocating Mechanism – Unlike unreliable spring reciprocating mechanisms used in other devices, SkinPen Precision’s coupled recipro­cating mechanism allows for complete and consistent insertion and retraction of the needles on every rotation
  • Validated for the device to perform at the specified depth deemed safe for patients
  • Ingress protection minimises back flow and the risk of cross-contamination
  • Validated single-use-lock-out feature: No penetration of fluids such as blood or serum.