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“SkinPen® has set the gold standard in Microneedling”

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The SkinPen® Advantage


  • FDA CLEARED Microneedling Pen
  • CE Mark medical grade registration provides practices in Europe with a safe, reliable and effective device compliant and certified to ISO & BSI standard
  • Laboratory Tested and Validated to prevent the risk of cross contamination

There is a difference

SkinPen® Precision Device

Over 90 validated FDA requirements met for SkinPen Precision System’s device & cartridge

“100% Ultrasonically Sealed Pen Which Is The Battery Housing For The Disposable Reciprocating Cartridge (Acts Like A Disposable Pen)”

The only 100% completely sealed cartridge on the market to prevent fluid intake. Has as a single use lockout feature, so removing any possibility of cross contamination

Precisions Advanced Cartridge Unit

NEW Patented Microneedle disposable cartridge with its in-built reciprocating device – ‘it’s essentially a disposable pen’

Ingress protection preventing blood leaking from the cartridge

Single-Use Lockout Feature

Accurate Precision Depth Dial

Internal Reciprocating Mechanism - not in the pen as with cosmetic pens

Exhaust Ports & Scalloped Edge to prevent suction and bruising

14 Stainless Steel Needles, Smooth & Sterile - no blunt, uneven length or hooked needles


Important considerations for patient safety should be addressed, and fluid ‘ingress protection’ is of paramount importance in mechanical needling pens to ensure blood/fluids from the procedure don’t migrate into the Device.

Skinpen Precision reverses the way the cartridge attaches to the pen via a shaft to a slot on the disposable pen head rather than inserted into a hole in the pen.

3 pathways of cross contamination addressed:

  • cartridge head 100% sealed so no leaking
  • Ultra-sonically sealed base – watertight so nobody fluids can enter
  • Bio-Sheath covers the entire device adds further protection

SkinPen® Sets The Standard

  • Skinpen uses 14 state of the art smooth Japanese needles in the cartridge tip

  • Super tensile strength for treating scar tissue

  • Super precision sharp to prevent tearing caused by blunt or hooked needles

  • All the needles the same length

  • Needle length depth adjusted in the cartridge head not the pen for absolute accuracy

SkinPen’s® Individual Patient Safety Treatment Kits


  • Single-use Precision Kit

  • Skinfuse LIFT HG offers allergy free non Cytotoxic slip during treatment

  • SkinPen Precision Advanced Cartridge Unit (ACU)

  • Disposable Bio-Sheath for Patient & Practitioner Safety

Skinfuse RESCUE Calming Complex

  • Supports a non-inflammatory path for scar-free remodeling

  • Post-procedure protocol

Increase collagen production naturally by stimulating the wound healing response

Improves the appearance of Lines, Wrinkles and Scars

Dr Maryam Zamani

Key Opinion Leader

“As an Oculoplastic Surgeon and facial Aesthetic doctor I was looking for an FDA approved cordless micro needling device which prevents cross contamination to incorporate with PRP, to restore collagen stimulation. The safety of my patients is my number one priority. SkinPen is a CE registered Class 1 medical grade device…

The FDA Clearance is an amazing accolade to achieve, and with SkinPen’ design protecting patients from cross contamination gives me peace of mind. This is due to the cartridge being self- sealed, and the body of the pen is also 100% sealed preventing fluid entry. This makes the procedure easier and creates great safety for all my patients.”

Dr Maryam Zamani

Cadogan Clinic, Knightsbridge

SkinPen® For Every Skin

Suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types 365 days per year


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) assists in the revitalisation of the epidermal integrity to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

SkinPen® Precision comfortably creates thousands of micro-injuries in the skin to trigger the body’s natural wound healing process which initiates the release of natural growth factors to improve cellular communication and assist in reversing the signs of ageing


Using SkinPen® Microneedling Procedure

Female age 66 – After 2 SkinPen treatments
Courtesy of Christine Clarke, Bio-Health & Aesthetics Mount Pleasant

Female after 3 SkinPen Treatments

Female after 6 SkinPen treatments
Courtesy of Cathy Presnick, A Perfect Complexion, Florida

Male After 5 SkinPen treatments
Courtesy of Christie Matter, MD North Texas Dermatology

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