At home micro-needling treatments v professional micro-needling

A common question asked by patients is whether, at home, derma rolling devices can provide the same results as professional micro-needling treatments. The short answer is no, but in today’s blog, we’ll dissect why this is the case.

If you’re considering adding professional micro-needling treatments to your clinic portfolio, here are some of the top reasons why the results will always exceed home devices bought on the high street.

The technology behind micro-needling pens is more advanced.

On a basic level, the technology in devices like SkinPen is far more advanced and allows for bespoke treatments. The practitioner can control the needle depth; leading to more accurate skin penetration and better results.

The technology in SkinPen is unique and is not available on any other handheld device. You can read more about this here.

Professional micro-needling treatments are safer

With professional micro-needling treatments, the needles penetrate the skin vertically whereas rollers penetrate at an angle. This can cause tears to the skin’s surface and lead to longer recovery times and side effects, such as infections.

Precision is important

During professional micro-needling treatments, a level of precision can be achieved that often isn’t possible using an at-home derma roller. The head of the SkinPen is small, allowing for specific and targeted treatments, which is ideal for delicate and smaller areas like the eyes.

Less discomfort = higher patients’ satisfaction

With in-clinic professional micro-needling treatments, the patient will undoubtedly be more comfortable and in less discomfort. The motorised system in SkinPen means precise and accurate penetration – this cannot be guaranteed with devices that are used at home.

Cost Versus reward

For savvy patients, the cost of having professional micro-needling treatments in the clinic will outweigh the simple benefit of trying dermarollering at home. It’s important to educate patients about the benefits of energy-assisted micro needling pens and the limitations that may come with home rollers.

Why is SkinPen special?

SkinPen is an award-winning mechanical handheld pen, that has set the gold standard in micro needling. SkinPen went through over 90 FDA validations with regards to the device and the cartridge, as well as boasting a CE Mark for reliability and safety. Furthermore, it is laboratory tested and validated to ensure the risk of cross-contamination is prevented.

Practitioners using SkinPen know the benefits of offering this type of skin rejuvenation treatment, and the positive effect it has on the lives of their patients. A tailored and bespoke treatment plan means patient satisfaction is high and the results are recognisable in less time.

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