Is age a factor when it comes to micro needling treatments?

In the UK we’re currently seeing a rise in micro needling treatments, especially for skin rejuvenation. A common question asked by patients if they’re considering this type of treatment is whether they’re the right age for it.

As with all skin rejuvenation treatments, suitability is down entirely to the patient’s individual needs. A patient being interested in micro needling treatments for anti ageing reasons is unlikely to have the same concerns as someone seeking it to tackle something like acne scarring. 

Either way, micro needling treatments can provide rejuvenating results, and SkinPen Precision is the ideal medical tool to provide effective treatments. 

Are micro needling treatments right for the patient?

There are multiple benefits to choosing treatments with SkinPen Precision, and patients with various skin concerns may find this method of skin rejuvenation effective. 

It’s important to offer all patients a full skin analysis to ensure suitability, but it’s usually effective in treating those looking for:

  • anti ageing (lines and wrinkles)
  • skin rejuvenation (collagen production) 
  • reduction in facial scarring

The age of the patient should be taken into account, alongside skin quality, overall health, and what they wish to achieve. 

Why choose medical micro needling?

Medical micro needling offers much more in comparison to at-home derma rolling devices that don’t deliver the same targeted and specific results of a device like SkinPen Precision. 

Specifically, with tackling ageing issues – such as fine lines and wrinkles – micro needling treatments can be offered as an alternative to dermal fillers, or in combination with injectables. This is most common in patients 40 and above. 

Patients over 50 years old, who have more advanced signs of facial ageing and hyperpigmentation, often choose to opt for SkinPen Precision treatments over other skin rejuvenation treatments because the results are long-lasting. 

Not only that by they offer impressive collagen stimulation that leads to longer-lasting results – often a key factor in the decision making process. 

How does SkinPen Precision help ageing skin?

It’s a controlled and sterile form of wound management. It has a very precise application of delivering a cluster of tiny needles that are designed especially for ‘puncturing’ the tissues of the skin. 

It helps by not only attempting to target surface damage on the epidermis but by targeting the lower dermis walls which are essentially awesome to aid in the repair and restructuring process that is needed to repair skin tissue. 

SkinPen micro needling encourages nutrient rich blood flow around the damaged tissue, not only boosting the rapid repair of the skin but also by brightening the skin and smoothing the texture of the skin.

Choosing a micro needling device

If you’re planning on adding micro needling or collagen induction treatments to your clinic, you’ll want to choose a device that’s trusted and designed for medical use. 

SkinPen Precision is distributed by BioActiveAesthetics in the UK and offers reliability and tangible results you can trust. Contact the team to get more information.