Using a skin rejuvenation pen to improve common aesthetic issues

If you’re considering investing in a skin rejuvenation pen you may be looking to know more about how they work. This type of device can add a profitable arm to your business, allowing for multiple cosmetic treatments in minimal time.

Today’s post is designed to help you understand more clearly why microneedling is worth adding to your treatment portfolio – and why SkinPen is the best choice.

Why use a skin rejuvenation pen?

A skin rejuvenation pen is a handheld device used in microneedling treatments.

Unlike other cosmetic treatments for improving common skin complaints, these devices mean you can offer multiple benefits using just one device in a short space of time.

SkinPen is a skin rejuvenation pen that offers many treatment benefits in a safe and controlled way.

What skin concerns can it be used for?

Microneedling is ideal for boosting collagen – the key component to healthy, smooth-looking skin. This type of treatment can help to improve the following concerns:

  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • pigmentation
  • burns scars
  • acne scarring
  • melasma
  • poor skin tone
  • large pores
  • stretch marks

How does a skin rejuvenation pen work?

Microneedling using a skin rejuvenation pen like SkinPen uses small needles to prick the skin causing controlled damage to the dermis.

The purpose for this is to encourage new collagen to generate, thus creating smoother, firmer and more toned skin on the face or body.

It’s non-surgical and can have a lasting impact on the appearance of the skin, particularly when offered with other skin rejuvenation treatments.

How long is a microneedling treatment?

The beauty of choosing a skin rejuvenation pen for microneedling is that the treatments are fast, and the recovery is quick. This means you can treat patients quickly and they can recover with minimal down time.

Treatments usually take around 30 minutes and as multiple sessions are often required it’s a profitable but swift treatment to add to your clinic list.

Who is microneedling suitable for?

The benefit of choosing SkinPen is that it can help patients with all Fitzpatrick skin tones and various skin concerns. It’s suitable for both fair and dark skin types, men and women of all ages.

Where can you get a SkinPen device from?

BioActiveAesthetics are the exclusive UK & Irelands distributors of the SkinPen device. Please contact the team to discuss offering microneedling as a skin rejuvenation treatment amongst your treatment portfolio for your clients.

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