How microneedling skin treatments can boost aesthetic appearance

Patients considering microneedling skin treatments as part of a facial rejuvenation plan often have a lot of questions. Most notably, they ask why this form of skin rejuvenation can benefit them over other non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Made popular by celebrities who have undergone the treatment (and spoken proudly about the results) micro-needling isn’t new. But the SkinPen technological advancement in the field sure is.

The wonderful thing about microneedling skin treatments, and more specifically, those using the SkinPen device, is that the benefits are vast. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at some of the best reasons to consider SkinPen when it comes to treating ageing concerns.

Better than any at-home system

Coined ‘perfection by pinprick’ by leading UK skin experts, this micro-needling device offers superior skin rejuvenation for patients with less downtime – and it’s far more effective than any at-home derma rollers.

Safety is paramount

SkinPen is an FDA cleared cordless microneedling device that prevents cross-contamination when restoring collagen stimulation. The safety of patients is the number one priority, so it should give you peace of mind to know SkinPen is also a CE registered Class 1 medical grade device.

The FDA Clearance is an amazing accolade to achieve, and with SkinPen’s design protecting patients from cross-contamination, it offers skin rejuvenation experts reliability.

The cartridge being self- sealed, and the body of the pen being 100% sealed, prevents fluid entry. This makes microneedling skin treatments easier and creates great safety for all patients.

SkinPen’s USPs

It’s a unique handheld device. SkinPen uses 14 state-of-the-art Japanese needles in the cartridge tip to boost collagen production and therefore reduce fine lines.

The needles are also extra special. The smooth needles offer super precision sharpness to prevent tearing, often caused by blunt or hooked needles and at home derma rollers.

All the needles are the same length; however, the needle depth can be adjusted in the cartridge head for absolute accuracy. Not only that, it is an FDA cleared micro-needling pen and the only UK device of its kind to have 90 validated FDA requirements.

CE Mark medical grade registration also means SkinPen is a safe, reliable and effective device compliant and certified to ISO & BSI standard. Finally, it’s also laboratory tested and validated to prevent the risk of cross-contamination – there’s no other device like it for microneedling skin treatments.

Ask us for more information

Offered in UK aesthetic clinics, SkinPen from BioActiveAesthetics is the leading micro-needling device for Collagen Induction Therapy.

Why not look at this insightful video from beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis, discussing the benefits of choosing SkinPen for skin rejuvenation treatments.

Please contact us for more information about this device for microneedling skin treatments. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss SkinPen, and its unique benefits with you.