Why SkinPen is the microneedling pen for professionals in the UK

At BioActivieAesthetics, we understand the importance of offering the best microneedling pen for professionals. Safety is, of course, a key factor, and for discerning skin rejuvenation experts, they want to know their microneedling device is effective and reliable. 

There are multiple reasons why SkinPen is the go-to microneedling pen for professionals. In this week’s blog, we’ll be exploring some of the biggest motivations for picking this medical device. 

Why is SkinPen the microneedling pen for professionals?

SkinPen is making waves in the aesthetic and medical arenas as a microneedling device for safety-conscious professionals. Our customer’s value reliability and efficacy, as well as tangible results for patients. 

Thanks to the technology and design of SkinPen, it makes cross-contamination impossible – a common issue with older microneedling devices. 

Targeted treatment areas

Unlike dermarollers, that are often used for at-home microneedling, the SkinPen is only available to qualified professionals for non-home use. While dermarollers can tear and pull the skin, causing more damage, microneedling pens like SkinPen provide a controlled trauma that is caused to the skin and targeted treatment areas. 

What to look for in a microneedling pen for professionals 

There are certain things to look for when purchasing medical microneedling devices. Safety and efficacy should be high up on that list – a CE Mark is a great start. 

SkinPen offers this, alongside a host of other benefits if you’re contemplating offering this type of skin rejuvenation treatment or upgrading your current device. The pen is 100% ultrasonically sealed at the base of where the needle cartridge sits – no other device on the market can say that. This prevents fluid intake, and the single use lockout feature means cross-contamination isn’t a worry. 

The patented disposable cartridges make this more like a disposable pen, preventing blood from leaking from the cartridge itself.  

The internal reciprocating mechanism is not in the pen like you’ll find with cosmetic pens, and there’s an accurate depth dial to make sure you’re providing precise care. 

Finally, the 14 stainless steel needles are smooth. SkinPen offers no blunt, hooked or uneven needles. 

Award-winning satisfaction

SkinPen has previously been awarded at The Aesthetics Industry Awards, so you know you’re choosing a respected and well regarded handheld device for skin rejuvenation. 

It’s also FDA cleared, and laboratory tested. You can read more about this in our previous blog post “FDA cleared microneedling devices.”

Ask us for more information

Are you considering adding microneedling devices to your clinic? 

Do you need some support or advice on how to market SkinPen to your client base? 

BioActiveAesthetics would be pleased to help you. Contact us to discuss your microneedling needs. You can read more about SkinPen here, and don’t forget to check out the blogs available for more guidance. 

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about this microneedling pen for professionals. BioActiveAesthetics is the exclusive UK distributor for SkinPen in the UK. 

We recently showcased the device at IMCAS, Paris – read about the event in last month here.