Enhancing your clinic with a skin rejuvenation pen

Adding a skin rejuvenation pen, such as SkinPen, to your portfolio of devices is an ideal way to enhance your clinic’s offering and in turn boost your client base.

Adding microneedling to your cosmetic, aesthetic or medical treatment portfolio is a simple way to boost patient footfall. The return on investment is unparalleled, with multiple treatment protocols available from just one device.

Skin rejuvenation has never been more popular, with patients becoming savvier about their treatment options available. The future of non-surgical aesthetics and medical treatments using minimally invasive devices is bright, that’s for certain.

Below you’ll find just some of the reasons why choosing the SkinPen skin rejuvenation pen is the key to unlocking your microneedling potential.

SkinPen is easy to use and effective

The cordless handheld nature of SkinPen makes it incredibly easy to use and the results are impressive to say the least. Bulky devices that take up space and make treating patients hard are a thing of the past.

We know effectiveness matters, and this microneedling pen is built with practitioner’s in mind. It’s lightweight allowing for a smoother and more controlled treatment delivery.

Multiple treatment uses

There’s a variety of non-surgical treatments that can be performed using a pen for skin rejuvenation, allowing you to treat more patients for more concerns.

As well as ageing issues such as fine lines and age spots, SkinPen can be used to minimise skin concerns such as acne scarring, burns, melasma and stretch marks.

Face and body appropriate

Far from being a device purely for treating the face, our skin rejuvenation pen is suitable for use on the body too. There’s no need to have two or more devices for different areas – this pen works for the whole body.

This means you can not only remove age spots from the face and neck but also other areas such as the hands. In terms of scars and stretch marks, you’ll find SkinPen can improve the skin all over the body, including the arms, legs and more.

Patient satisfaction

The easiest way to grow your clinic is to enhance the patient experience and make them want to return. Microneedling can be offered as a standalone treatment or as part of a more extensive skin rejuvenation programme, allowing patient satisfaction to be higher.

Minimal downtime

Leading on from patient satisfaction with the results, it’s also worth noting the minimal downtime after the treatment means less complications and therefore less clinic expense.

Ask us for more information

We welcome any questions if you are considering taking on a pen for skin rejuvenation within your clinic. You can find out more about the FDA cleared SkinPen or see before and after results on this website.

There are multiple reasons why the SkinPen device can improve your practice’s offering, boost profit and maintain or increase patient satisfaction.

Please contact us today to discuss providing micro needling treatments within your clinic. We welcome demo requests and are happy to discuss, in detail, the benefits of choosing SkinPen.