What can micro-needling treatments offer women over 40?

As with each new decade, when we enter our 40s the condition of our skin changes. While we see some early signs of ageing form in our 30s, it’s this next chapter that we can often see more visible changes. This usually includes the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, for example.

SkinPen is a medical micro-needling device that can help to improve the condition of the skin in areas such as the upper face and around the eyes. Unlike at-home devices, such as dermarollers, this is a medical device that offers precision and reliability when used by practitioners.

Rather than dermal fillers than have a temporary effect and can sometimes appear unnatural, undergoing microneedling can help to naturally boost collagen production and therefore reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes in a controlled way.

Instead of appearing full and plump when we hit our 40s, the skin can look thinner, and patients often report a sunken appearance to the face. This is due to the body’s production of elastin and collagen starting to slow down – it’s inevitable, of course, but can be improved with selected treatment. 

Below you will find some of the reasons why micro-needling treatments can benefit female patients over 40.

It’s a more natural way to treat fine lines.

SkinPen micro-needling treatments are offered to suitable patients who are looking to reduce ageing signs like fine lines without using synthetic substances. The tiny needles create controlled damage to the skin’s surface, which in turn causes the body to respond – this collagen induction is the key to natural looking volume.

They are tailored to each patient

The tiny needles are set at the perfect depth depending on a patient’s requirements and point of treatment. For example, the area around the eyes doesn’t require the same needle depth as the cheeks so that each patient can be treated with a specific treatment plan.

There are more benefits to micro-needling treatments than patients expect

One of the main benefits of SkinPen micro-needling is its ability to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin – this is the key to youthful-looking skin. This means that not only can women over 40 see a reduction in fine lines around the eyes, but they could also reduce hyperpigmentation concerns such as age spots.

Skin tightening is also possible

As well as treating fine lines around the eyes, another plus for choosing SkinPen for micro-needling is that it can also contribute towards firmer skin. While correcting damaged and ageing skin, the fine needles can also help to tighten up loose skin which makes It great for female patients with some but not extensive skin sagging.

It’s a safe and reliable method

FDA clearance and CE marked, the SkinPen device is leading the way in micro-needling. Reliability and safety are key to the success of this technology, and at BioActiveAesthetics, we’re proud to be the distributors of this device.

Offering patients tangible and safe results for skin ageing concerns like fine lines and wrinkles; this device allows for quick treatments and patient satisfaction. Contact us for more information.