Using micro needling treatments to improve hyperpigmentation

As micro needling treatments increase the body’s natural collagen production, it’s no wonder they’ve proved so successful when treating hyperpigmentation issues.

Creating healing factors by causing trauma to the skin, it may sound like the last thing the skin needs is more damage. However, as collagen is a vital protein for youthful, healthy looking skin, micro needling treatments can have a dramatic effect on issues like sun damage and pigmentation.

Today we’ll look a little more closely at why micro needling treatments using devices like SkinPen are fast becoming the go-to for safe and reliable skin rejuvenation.

What causes hyperpigmentation?

Patients can suffer from pigmentation problems in various ways. There are numerous causes for skin pigmentation, and a thorough consultation is needed to ascertain the right treatment. However, when it comes to hyperpigmentation, the leading causes are age and sun damage.

As part of the natural ageing process, the collagen supplies to the skin begin to decline, using becoming noticeable from the mid-thirties. This can contribute to the appearance of drooping skin and fine lines. Aside from this, skin can also present with age spots and sun damage, known as hyperpigmentation.

Pigmentation issues may also form as a result of scarring (most commonly from acne) and injuries. This is, of course, different from hyperpigmentation, but can still benefit from micro needling treatments.

Are micro needling treatments the right option?

While micro needling treatments are not a ‘quick fix’ to medical and cosmetic skin concerns, it is a good place to start. This is especially true when considering long-term skin rejuvenation, particularly for the face.

As it requires the growth of new skin and collagen, micro needling treatments cannot be classed as a quick fix. While some initial results may be seen, the patient should be prepared to wait several months for the full effects to become apparent. Multiple treatments with a micro needling device may also be needed.

What are the benefits?

This largely depends on the micro-needling device chosen, but you can expert to reduce visible pigmentation and improve skin health. The most efficient and effective way to treat hyperpigmentation is using an advanced micro needling device such as SkinPen. It’s been awarded for its safety as well as its efficacy and is a trusted tool by many doctors across the country.

Benefits of choosing SkinPen for micro needling treatments when tackling hyperpigmentation concerns include measurable results, quick treatment times, and minimal downtime for the patient.

As well as pigmentation problems, micro needling treatments can help to improve the appearance of large pores, lines and wrinkles, scar tissue and even stretch marks.

Are there risks associated with micro needling treatments?

This is considered a safe and reliable skin rejuvenation method, providing you choose the right device. SkinPen is an award-winning energy-assisted device that works quickly and effectively when treating pigmentation.

SkinPen’s unique technology means patients can expect less discomfort, swelling and redness than traditional methods, such as dermarollers. Please look at this previous post about the difference between medical micro needling devices and dermarollers for more information.

Choosing SkinPen

Let us help guide you when it comes to choosing a micro needling device. There’s information about SkinPen on the website, but feel free to contact us via email or call with your questions. Don’t forget to look at the news page for other articles that may be useful to your research.