The anti ageing benefits of a micro needling treatment explained

For a patient to consider a micro needling treatment over skin rejuvenation alternatives such as dermal fillers, they need to understand the multiple benefits of this type of procedure. Most notably they like to know why this type of skin treatment can help them look more youthful.

A micro needling treatment with SkinPen can undoubtedly help patients look younger, by rejuvenating the skin around the eyes, for example. But there are so many other facial rejuvenation benefits to this type of treatment, including collagen induction and pigmentation reduction.

In today’s blog we’ll discuss some of the ways a micro needling treatment can help to transform skin, helping it look more youthful in the process. Don’t forget, if you want to learn more about SkinPen specifically you can contact the team who will be delighted to help guide you.

Transforming skin effectively and safely

As the skin ages the obvious signs of ageing can start to present. This includes lines and wrinkles, as well as loose skin and pigmentation such as age spots. While these are all common and totally normal, some patients wish to improve the appearance of these issues, and seek cosmetic treatments for long term skin rejuvenation benefits.

Notably, patients are increasingly turning away from surgical procedures, and most commonly are seeking non surgical anti ageing treatments to improve the appearance of the skin on the face. Micro needling is a popular choice.

A micro needling treatment represents a safer and more reliable way to improve the tone, texture and overall aesthetic of the skin. It works below the surface, promoting collagen production and relies on the body’s natural healing capabilities to boost skin health.

Why does it make you look more youthful?

Micro needling treatments with SkinPen boost the natural collagen production to the specific treatment areas. This is often around the eyes and mouth, but can include the neck and hands too.

Tiny needles penetrate the skin causing controlled trauma to the intended area, encouraging the body to heal the damage and in turn induce collagen. This can help the area look smoother, firmer, plumper and more youthful. Patients often comment on the improvement to the overall quality of the skin where treated, noting that the results continue to improve for months on end.

Who is a micro needling treatment suitable for?

Male and female patients can benefit from this type of skin rejuvenation treatment – a course of treatments is usually beneficial. Patients undergo a full consultation to ensure suitability.

Are the results safe and long lasting?

A bonus of choosing this type of anti ageing treatment is that the results continue to evolve in the months after a SkinPen micro needling session. Satisfaction rates are high and complication rates are very low.

The device has been created and tested extensively to ensure cross contamination isn’t a factor of concern. You can read more about the safety clearance for SkinPen here.

Enquire about SkinPen

If you are considering adding a micro needling treatment device to your clinic portfolio please contact BioActiveAesthetics who will be able to offer you advice regarding SkinPen. Don’t forget to check out the previous blog posts for more information regarding the device.