Why choose SkinPen for collagen induction therapy?

Whether you’re considering adding collagen induction therapy treatments to your clinic or you’re a long-lasting provider of micro needling treatments to your patients, it’s important to know you’re choosing the best device.

There are many benefits for patients choosing micro needling to rejuvenate the skin. Most notably, when we consider the visible anti-ageing results, collagen induction therapy can have a remarkable effect on a patient’s skin.

But how do you know which device is worth investing in? Let’s discuss the basics of CIT and SkinPen.

Why offer collagen induction therapy?

Whether offered alone or as part of a portfolio of treatments, collagen induction therapy is a reliable and safe method of anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation. The benefits are visible in the weeks and months after treatment, leading to long-term patient satisfaction.

Choosing a device

It’s essential to make an informed decision when investing in medical devices like SkinPen or others such as Dermapen. Does the device you’re considering meet relevant and important safety standards?

Having a medical micro needling device with the CE Mark as well as FDA Clearance, the device went through over 90 FDA validations to receive its clearance, serves as a ‘gold standard’ marker; the pen has therefore passed strict safety tests.

The technology is also innovative and totally geared around safe use. SkinPen has a reusable motor unit designed to be attached to a sterile, disposable cartridge, so the risk of contamination is eliminated.

These are just two of the reasons to consider SkinPen instead of micro needling devices such as Dermapen for your clinic. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your individual needs regarding collagen induction therapy equipment please contact us.

Research is key to choosing a collagen induction therapy device

When it comes to choosing a medical device, the key is research – we make sure at BioActiveAesthetics that we have all the relevant and scientific evidence you need available online.

There are certain things to look for when purchasing medical microneedling devices. Safety and efficacy should be high up on that list. Why not take a look at the device pages to learn more about the SkinPen specifics. 

It’s not just for anti-ageing

SkinPen micro needling treatments are not just for anti-ageing, but a variety of types of skin rejuvenation. And collagen induction therapy can help improve other issues, such as scarring on the face.

Trauma to the skin (for example adult acne) can interrupt all processes of the skin’s defense systems, causing inflammation in the cells and a distorted view of cellular growth and repair. SkinPen helps to break down toughened tissue and boosts the rapid restoration of the skin, leading to a smoother appearance.

Ask us for more information

Did you know SkinPen is already used in over 750 UK clinics? Please contact us or check out previous articles on the blog if you’re interested in learning more about SkinPen from BioActiveAesthetics.

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