Pick the best microneedling pen UK 

The microneedling pen UK market is thriving, with SkinPen offering medical professionals an award-winning device for skin rejuvenation. Having just returned from IMCAS in Paris, BioActiveAesthetics was delighted with the feedback received over the annual conference.

With delegates from all over the world, the demand for a reliable microneedling pen UK distributor was made clear, and we’re pleased to be offering SkinPen to medical professionals here at home to help them grow their clinics. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at some of the reasons why picking a medical microneedling pen over a standard cosmetic device is key to delivering excellent results – and why SkinPen is the medical professional’s choice here in the UK.

Technology you can trust

SkinPen is proving popular in the microneedling pen UK market for good reason – the technology is advanced and trustworthy. Results are impressive, and safety is unrivalled.  

This microneedling device has been tested under some of the most strict and stringent conditions. For example, did you know SkinPen’s system and cartridge were validated for 90 FDA requirements? 

No other tech on the market can say the same – and it’s something we’re very proud to shout about. This innovative technology was also recognised at The Aesthetic Awards where SkinPen won the Barry Knapp award for product innovation – a fantastic accolade. 

Medical not cosmetic

A key difference between SkinPen and at-home dermarollers is that it’s a medical device – not cosmetic. Cosmetic devices are not regulated in the same way as medical devices, nor can medical microneedling pens be used at home. This distinction is important.

Multiple treatment uses

SkinPen is a skin rejuvenation device with multiple treatment uses, most of which cannot be rivalled by at-home needling treatments. 

The top reasons to use this pen include:

  • anti ageing 
  • lines and wrinkles
  • hyperpigmentation
  • scarring 

SkinPen is easy to use and effective

The handheld nature of SkinPen makes it incredibly easy to use, and the results are impressive. Bulky devices that take up space and make treating patients hard are a thing of the past. 

We know effectiveness matters, and this microneedling pen is built with medical professionals in mind. It’s lightweight, allowing for more natural treatments.

Medical microneedling is popular with patients

Adding microneedling to your cosmetic, aesthetic or medical treatment armoury is a simple way to boost patient footfall. The return on investment is unparalleled, with multiple treatment protocols available from just one device. 

The key is ensuring you pick a microneedling pen UK distributor to be certain you’ve got the best technology and customer care on hand if needed. Find out more about BioActiveAesthetics and SkinPen on the website. 

Award-winning team

The team at BioActiveAesthetics are on hand to guide you if you’re considering upgrading your microneedling pen or adding it to your portfolio. 

Previously, we won an award at The Aesthetic Industry Awards, and recently have been honoured and awarded at the SkinPen Global Distribution Meeting too, for “Sales Leaders” of the year for outstanding contribution to SKinPen so that you can be sure of professional service and quality products. 

Contact us today to find out more about the SkinPen and what this microneedling pen UK distributor can offer your clinic.