Boosting new collagen as part of skin rejuvenation

Improving wrinkles and triggering new collagen production with the award winning SkinPen Precision System, micro needling treatment.

When it comes to anti-ageing treatments, there’s a common misconception with patients that it’s only injectables like dermal fillers that will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Aesthetic doctors, nurses and beauty practitioners have all proven with their own experiences, that by using the SkinPen micro-needling device, is an excellent treatment for stimulating new collagen.

In this week’s blog, we look at how the SkinPen treatment can be used to rebuild new collagen and what micro-needling can do for wrinkles, anti-ageing and scars.

Why do we need collagen?

Collagen is vital in maintaining plump, smooth skin. Younger skin has more natural collagen stores than older skin, so developing lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet is inevitable as we age. Therefore, to boost new collagen to keep patients looking youthful for longer, there are a variety of products in the market to support this.

Why do we lose collagen?

As we age collagen stores start to deplete, and the skin can aesthetically change. This process usually begins in the late twenties or very early thirties, and by the forties, the signs of collagen loss are more evident.

Skincare can have some long-term effect at home, but as the skin advances in life more advanced solutions are needed to build collagen. A tried and tested method of wrinkle reduction, to support the skin developing new collagen, is a treatment called micro-needling, otherwise known as collagen induction therapy. This is where investing in the SkinPen device can help.

How does micro-needling stimulate new collagen?

SkinPen is a medical grade, micro-needling device used for melasma, burns, acne scars, anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation procedures. It uses tiny needles to create micro-injuries in your skin. In response to these small skin traumas, the body initiates its natural wound healing process. The result is new collagen, which supports the skin.

How does it work?

The SkinPen device is a cordless handheld, mechanical micro needling pen and the healthcare professional gently moves it across your skin. It sets to work immediately, causing controlled damage to the skin and triggering the 3-phase production of new collagen.

In the days and weeks after treatment (recommended 3 treatments), patients see an improvement to issues such as fine lines and wrinkles firming tissue, softening acne scarring.

What are the advantages of choosing SkinPen?

One of the advantages of SkinPen micro-needling is that it doesn’t cause heat shock proteins (proteins produced in response to exposure to stressful conditions), which can lead to pigmentation issues, often associated with other treatments such as peels and laser.

Micro-needling is a non-surgical natural organic treatment, making it highly appealing to potential patients, that don’t feel surgery is the right option.

Who is suitable for this type of skin rejuvenation treatment?

Both men and women can benefit from collagen boosting treatments with SkinPen. There are a variety of areas micro-needling can help, as well as different skin issues, such as acne scarring, melasma, rejuvenation, burns and more.

Who isn’t suitable for this treatment?

Patients who are pregnant or on certain medications you may not be suitable for this specific type of new collagen treatment. We offer full advice on the safety and efficacy of SkinPen to healthcare professionals.