Why SkinPen is the safest treatment 

Safety is paramount in any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment you choose to have. More now than ever, consumers are looking to invest their time and money into treatments that offer client safety, zero risks of cross-contamination and minimal or no downtime.  

This week’s blog, we highlight the safety aspects of a SkinPen Precision microneedling treatment and why SkinPen should be your number one choice of treatment after the coronavirus lockdown is lifted. 

SkinPen is an FDA cleared cordless microneedling device and was designed with patient safety as its number one priority. The device is also a CE registered Class 1 medical-grade device, holds an ISO certification for quality and assurance, as well as a BSI (British standards institute) accreditation, for product safety and quality. Finally, it is also laboratory tested and validated to prevent the risk of cross-contamination – there is no other device like it for microneedling skin treatments.

Quality & Safety Certification

The cartridge being self- sealed, and the body of the pen being 100% sealed, prevents fluid entry. This makes microneedling skin treatments easier and creates excellent safety for all patients.

SkinPen is safe, effective, validated and an industry-leading treatment for consumers amongst aesthetic treatments.

The FDA Clearance is a fantastic accolade to achieve, and with SkinPen’s design protecting patients from cross-contamination, it offers skin rejuvenation experts reliability, results and patient safety. 

Top 10 reasons Why SkinPen stands out from other devices. 

  1. Worlds FIRST FDA Cleared mechanical microneedling device.
  • SkinPen offers ‘Ingress Protection”, which ensures that no blood or bodily fluids from the treatment have the potential to cross-contaminate by migrating into the device/pen, and then back again into the cartridge again. 
  • One use, disposable needle cartridge. The above is eliminated with the use of a SkinPen sterile disposable cartridge, which can only be used once. The mechanics have been moved from the base of the pen into the disposable SkinPen cartridge tip, therefore, each cartridge is essentially a disposable pen for each patient – this is a unique patented design.

4. SkinPen needle cartridge is 100% sealed. There is a sealed sleeve contained within the mechanism of the needle cartridge that creates this safety barrier. The cartridge can contain fluids, and if these are produced during the treatment, however, any liquid is stopped from entering the microneedling device itself.

5. SkinPen is 100% ultrasonically sealed based at the top of the device before the needle cartridge is attached. No fluids can bypass and enter the device. 

6. Bio-sheath offers further protection – Each patient treatment kit comes with 4 items needed to do the microneedling procedure, which includes a BS for enhanced safety. The device essentially is wearing a glove as well as the practitioner offering risk-free.  Cross-contamination path shields are essential to ensure clients receive a contaminant-free microneedling treatment, and that the Practitioner is also is risk-free.

7. Precise Needle Depth A precise control of the needle depth ranging from 0.25mm to 2.5mm is because the control of the needle length is in the tip as opposed to the base of the pen for accuracy.

8. Organic – SkinPen microneedling is a natural organic non-ablative procedure to stimulate collagen rejuvenation. This means unlike treatments like Lasers, IPL, Radio Frequency Chemical Peels the treatment doesn’t remove the top layer of the skin or work by heating the underlying skin tissue.

9. Safe and Comfortable There are minimal side effects and downtime following a SkinPen procedure. Patients might get a slight redness/pinkness in the treated area (like a mild sunburn) which lasts around one to two days. There is minimal risk of scarring, skin tearing or any infection at all. Clinical trials have been successfully delivered and passed. 

10. Effective for all Fitzpatrick skin types, SkinPen Precision can be used on all the six Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI – 365 days a year.

BioactiveAesthetics is the UK distributor for SkinPen Precision. If you would like more information about the device, please contact us via email or phone.

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